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History of development of artificial turf
- May 07, 2018 -
Artificial turf from the appearance in just 60 years, rapid development in the world so far, and even become the absolute King of playground areas. From event venue in the world to schools, multipurpose playground and exercise to residential areas, none belong to the lawn stage. Lawns originated in 60 of the last century the United States. When grass due to weather and other objective conditions need to set up a large area of the roof covering,which in turn caused the growth and maintenance of natural turf in difficulty, in order to deal with such situations, artificial turf was developed and applied to sports quickly.
First artificial grass appears in the United States on the football field, certain characteristics, the clock frequency, real grass-like appearance, subsequent to clean simpleand convenient features that make it soon from the United States to the world-widepopularity, and gradually applied in field hockey, rugby, football, tennis, golf and other sports venues   But because the first artificial turf in motion features far weaker than natural turf, itshardness makes players vulnerable and friction, was rejected by the professional football, using artificial turf or even prohibited in the regular competition rules promulgated.
Actual demand continuous innovation and scientific and technological content of theartificial lawn products increased, and speedy completion of the upgrade. Artificial lawn from initially of to nylon fiber as main material, no fill, and elastic poor of artificial grass, to to polypropylene (PP) for main material, fill quartz sand particles, hardness big of artificial grass, to to polyethylene (PE) for main material, fill quartz sand and rubber particles of artificial grass, again to straight song mixed, and PE and PP mixed of artificial grass, to now of artificial grass has has very like even beyond really grass of movement performance. From July 1, 2003, the artificial turf of FIFA's inspection was allowed an official football tournament. In August, under 17 World Youth Soccer Championships a total of ten tournaments using the artificial lawn place for games, and ultimately success.
Since then, artificial turf gained mainstream recognition, more and more have beenused in all kinds of competitions. Currently totaled around 200 million square meters in the artificial turf market in the world, and an annual increase of about 15%, people's demand for artificial turf field is still in continuous growth. Moreover, in addition to being widely used in all kinds of sports venues, artificial turfhas been expanded in recent years to the leisure areas, kindergarten artificial turf, landscaping, or replacing carpets, and so on, in the science and technology innovation in the ever-changing future, artificial turf will have broader application.