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Chromatic aberration causes a brief analysis of the artificial turf quality
- May 07, 2018 -
Artificial turf quality of raw material and masterbatch standard color difference.
Production of grass the first link is the choice of materials. In order to ensure the quality of grass, Witten entry level product ingredients using the highest grade level ofCNPC and Sinopec, special varieties using imported raw materials. Masterbatches are mostly using imported raw materials. Relative, and some bad business cheap color masterbatch production using waste material recycling material, makes the finalproduction of the grass color problems color difference.

Second, artificial turf quality of production line process for standard color difference.
For the initiative, must first sharpen his tools. Witten production lines equipped withGermany imported grass machine, quality wire drawing machine manufacturers in the market is mainly concentrated in Germany and Italy, the grass uniformly smooth.In addition equipped with United Kingdom imported yarn loom on both sides, ten international line-drawing equipment, Tufting machines seven full product testing. Advanced stability standards of production equipment can guarantee the stability of advanced technology, to the maximum extent to ensure the quality of artificial turf to avoid chromatic aberration.

, Artificial turf quality of three technical standards in the production process produces chromatic aberration.
First, the material is not fully chromatic aberration. New material at screw the rest failed to clean up, mixing, composition and set of ingredients makes this part of the configuration deviation, mixing and new material by pulling the grass silk color difference.
The second color, straight wire cables. Refers to the straight wire's color of severalstrands of grass between the wire itself, usually for grass in the process of wire drawing, spinneret, tension, traction roll link settings may have caused.
III and straw tip bending Visual color difference. Wire bending grass is generally caused by inconsistent due to the shrinkage of straight grass. Grass yarn shrinkage rate can be adjusted by pulling the oven temperature, setting the oven temperature and annealing is to be achieved.
IV, Qu Si uneven color difference. Grass yarn curvature caused by uneven lawn surface is uneven, not flat, resulting in Visual color difference. Qu Si curvature of the grass must be uniform, this requires drawing technology and reasonable formula, Qu Siji temperature and pressure stability.
Chromatic aberration caused by wrong, twist, twist v. Grass yarn twisting reverse acircle is a twist, says the number of twist twist per unit length, and the twist direction is after grass yarn twisting, grass fiber tilt direction. Grass yarn twist to great effect on the appearance of artificial turf.
VI, carpet is fold by fold, carpet color. Folds are typically plastic drying climate failed to reach the end of, blanket was folded at the same time caused the carpet surfacefolds, rolling grass can also cause improper extrusion surface wrinkles.
VII, different batches of raw material in the production of artificial grass products, surfacing at the same site may produce chromatic aberration. Different batches of raw materials tend to be completely the same, usually with varying degrees of difference, this will cause the grass color differences.
High quality raw materials, advanced technology and reliable quality of production equipment, standardized production processes and extensive quality testing system,and the most important grass production technology, to eventually create artificial turf quality of excellence. And color is very important to test artificial turf quality link, the need for strict treatment.