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Artificial Golf grass, expanding the golf range
- May 07, 2018 -
Due to the wide Golf covers, high cost, over a long period of time is known as a rich man's sport. Since the development of modern golf, especially the birth of artificialGolf grass, making the "where once they visited great homes, flying into the homesof ordinary people." Artificial Golf grass has special requirements for turf rolls demanding.
The old idea about golf, immediately think of blue sky and white clouds, the vast green pastures, expensive equipment, handsome lockstep caddy, one reveals a deep sense of "aristocratic", like the exclusive on successful money and leisure. Golf for the average person, usually only a peek at their face on the TV screen.
But Golf is an eye-opening exercise. It requires mobilization and coordination of all parts of the body muscles, with a very good exercise; general outside in the sunny, refreshing green bright eye, good for fun, edifying and movement rhythm, you can play while laughing instead of feast or chess and for business contacts is a good choice. Artificial Golf grass significantly reduces the cost of golf, is a valid premise Golf public.
Golf course turf turf surface smooth, uniform line, the texture is dense and flexible,allowing the ball to make it smoother to close to the turf roll, of course, the most suitable natural grass pruning is needed to achieve this effect. Artificial Golf grass in full accordance with the most appropriate of the natural turf of r, making it both in terms of batting sensation, ball speed and touch aspects of contact are completely foolproof.
Relative natural turf, artificial Golf turf of advantage is cost low, maintenance simple, while also has very good of wear sex, flexible sex, drainage sex better and easily faded of advantages, using life long, security environmental no pollution, without concerns spray pharmacy brings of pollution, even is body delicate of children and resistance low of woman and elderly, also can assured calmly to amusement which.
As the golf course turf laying is simple, if only to enjoy the pleasures of golf, but does not have to be equipped with neatly to the regular golf course. Feel free to find a vacant lot or home gardens or roof, or Office ... ... Design and manufacture of a micro-summary of golf, as long as you want during leisure can enjoy the fun of swing the ball.